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Vision Rehabilitation

Enhancing the quality of life for those with vision loss

If you have been told by your eye doctor that your vision is declining and can no longer be improved with stronger glasses, medicine or surgery, you may benefit from the expertise of our professional team at the Sight Center. The Sight Center is the region’s leading provider of vision rehabilitation services.

If you have difficulty with the following…

  • Recognizing faces of friends or relatives
  • Doing things “up-close” like reading, writing or sewing
  • Picking out and matching the color of your clothes
  • Reading street signs or the names of stores
  • Doing things at home or work because the lights seem dimmer than they used to be

…then you may benefit from vision rehabilitation.

At the Sight Center, we’ll work together to help you learn to use your remaining functional vision to maintain your independence and help you continue to do the things you love in life.

The Process


A low vision evaluation will be performed at the Sight Center after your eye doctor has done a thorough exam. Our appointment is not another eye exam but a chance to discuss how your vision loss is affecting your life and the goals you have for vision rehabilitation.


Together we will work to develop a plan to meet your individual vision needs. The plan may include magnification and optical devices, a variety of lighting tools, alternative sensory techniques, or special low vision products to better assist you and your needs.


Occupational therapy is an integral part of the Sight Center’s team approach to vision rehabilitation. A variety of professionals work together to promote your independence despite changes to your vision. The goal of this service is to provide instruction in visual skills and the use of low vision devices and lighting to maximize your remaining vision. These services are provided in our clinical setting but may also extend to the home, school, nursing home and rehabilitation center (depending on your circumstances).

Conditions that may cause vision loss include:

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