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    Our Mission

    To prevent blindness and promote independence for those with vision loss and those who are blind.

  • Type 2 could be you. PA Diabetes Prevention and Education

    Type 2 Could Be You

    Find out if you are at risk for developing diabetes.

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    Prevention of Blindness

    Preventing blindness and caring for the visual health of our community

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    Vision Rehabilitation

    Enhancing the quality of life for those with vision loss.

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    Specialized Support Services

    Empowering people with vision loss to engage in their communities and live an independent lifestyle.

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Our Services

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  • Vision Rehabilitation

    Doctor and Goggles

    Nearly 300 new patients who are losing their vision are seen each year in our low vision clinic. About 300 devices including magnifiers, lights and other tools were dispensed. Over 160 of our patients followed up with our occupational therapist to make further adaptations to their home or daily routines to best support their individual needs for independence.

  • Specialized Services


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    The Sight Center provided more than 4,200 hours of life skills support and transportation services, traveling more than 100,000 miles so individuals with vision loss can live as independently as possible.

  • Blindness Prevention

    Mother with red hair

    561 adults

    Daughter with Brown hair

    11,081 children

    Vision screening is our best defense in preventing blindness in young children.

  • Educational Programs

    Young kids taking an eye test

    In addition to prevention, the Sight Center reached more than 1,000 community members with educational programs about eye health and safety.

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