The mission that works. Eyeglasses. Cyree's Story.

Cyree’s grandma, Angela, was busy completing her Master’s Degree when she got the call that her grandchildren were in need. She was not really prepared to take on three active youngsters alone, but was willing to do whatever she could for her child and for his children. When she found out that two of them needed glasses immediately and they did not have any insurance, she turned to The Sight Center for help. Diane, our optician, wasted no time fitting the boys with stylish new frames and corrective lenses at a price that Angela could afford. Both children left with bright new outlooks and smiles on their faces. In fact, they were so happy we had to find a little pair of glasses with clear lenses for their sister!



Many in our community cannot afford the high cost of corrective eyewear. In fact, they often simply go without. For those with low income and no insurance, The Sight Center provides new eyeglasses on a sliding fee scale.

Eyeglass Program

Each year, The Sight Center provides assistance for eye examinations and new glasses helping dozens of people who could not afford them otherwise. Being able to function at maximum visual efficiency promotes independence and may prevent irreversible vision loss.

Low cost eye wear for adults and children: Clients are required to have a current (within 12 months) prescription from an eye doctor and must demonstrate financial need.

The Sight Center’s Eyeglass Program has been in existence since our inception in 1939. Today, the program offers a variety of fashionable options to suit most everyone’s interest and style. The objective of our program is to provide affordable eyewear to limited income and uninsured individuals within the community who would be unable to routinely afford them otherwise. Supported by the Save-an-Eye Foundation, Erie Lions Club, and United Way of Erie County, our program provides eyeglasses to many.

Our diverse population of patients comes to us from all over the tri-state region. Our exceptionally well-trained optician provides services to infants just a few days old to those within the community enjoying their “golden years.” For those who qualify, our eyeglass program provides the welcoming environment and convenience they have been searching for. Qualifications for the program are based on both household income and size. While the qualifications below are guidelines, individuals with extra-ordinary circumstances such as unexpected medical bills, family care or who are suffering from disaster are given special consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Number living in household Combined household income should be less than
1 $21,780
2 $29,420
3 $37,060
4 $44,700
5 $52,340
6 $59,980
7 or more Please call for details

Lion’s Club


Lions Clubs International is the largest organization of service clubs in the world whose primary mission is preventing blindness and supporting services for the blind and visually impaired, goals that often overlap with the goals of the Sight Center of NWPA. In our region, the Sight Center cooperates with the Lions and Lioness Clubs of Lions District 14-F to accomplish our mutual efforts, and especially with the Lions Club of Erie through their Save an Eye Fund.

Many Lions Clubs in District 14-F provide financial support to the Sight Center since the Sight Center is a recognized District 4-F project. In turn, the Sight Center provides support services to Lions Clubs conducting Vision Screenings and assisting in providing eye glasses to low income clients of various Clubs in the District.


The Erie Lions Club and the Sight Center have a symbiotic relationship that has existed for over 50 years due to their mutual service goals. Through funds raised from the annual Save an Eye All-Star football game, the Erie Lions Club funds eye care for needy children and adults through the blindness prevention program of the Sight Center. The Erie Lions Club provides funding and the Sight Center provides the professional expertise and staff to manage these services. The Save an Eye Fund also provides funding for special, non-budget needs of the center such as capital equipment and initiating pilot projects. Some staff of the Sight Center are active in promoting the annual football game and The Sight Center provides office space and support to “house” the projects of the Erie Lions Club.